Saturday, September 17, 2005

Holy Trinity

9 days since the last post in this blog!

Why? Very simple: we not only share the same building, we also share the same job. And the last weeks have been quite hectic, with a couple of days of rest after a meeting abroad.

But I like my job! It is very much demanding, both for the work load as for the complexity and sensitivity of it. But I like it!

And one of the main reasons for that is that I'm working with friends. Good old friends for many years and nice news friends for some months.

Two of them, from each of these kinds, are quite special for me as, besides the friendship, we form what I believe is a good team, known by some as the management team, known by others as the Holy Trinity...

And I like this expression, not minding how it came up!

Because I feel we are a trinity. We respect, support and complement each other. We can be as critical and demanding towards each other as supportive and understanding.

And I think that Holy also applies, not because we are, but because that's how friendship must be!


Blogger Miguel Marujo said...

Duas notas: Pedro, tás magríssimo, pá! E o sol não deixa ver o Espírito Santo!

6:18 PM  

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