Sunday, January 29, 2006

Aussie Open

"I did focus for two sets but then there were moments that I started thinking too much. Maybe I was a bit scared of him and didn't really believe in it." This was how Marcos Baghdatis explained why he lost in the Australia Open men's final to Roger Federer. The 20-years old Cypriot is one of the major figures of the event, and one name that tennis fans will certainly get familiar with. But we shouldn't forget that Roger Federer was the one who won!

The Swiss ace, who took the 2005 Wimbledon and US Open titles, now only needs to win in Paris to hold all four Grand Slam titles simultaneously. Federer never won the French Open... but today received his trophy from Rod Laver, the last man to hold all four Grand Slams at the same time. Premonition? Maybe...

We are all so used to watch Federer win that we tend to underestimate his merit. But the truth is that although he is only 24, this was already his seventh Grand Slam win! Many predict that he will overhaul Pete Sampras' record of 14 triumphs.

Many were surprised by his tearful response to winning his third straight Grand Slam title. Roger Federer has a simple explanation: "I'm also just human".


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