Monday, May 22, 2006


Montenegro is now on its way to become the world's newest independent state.
The official results dictated the will of the majority of Montenegro’s population: 55.4% claimed for independence.
Through this referendum, the Montenegrins chose to abandon the state union of Serbia and Montenegro, a union legatee of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, where Montenegro was included since 1945, as a consequence of the geo-strategic ‘rearrangements’ done after WW II.
But in fact Montenegro was already part of Serbia since 1918. A Serb-approved legislature, based in Podgorica, voted for Montenegro to become part of Serbia (and afterwards the Kingdom of Yugoslavia), as a way of breaking free from the Austro-Hungarian occupation.
Almost 90 years after, the "black mountain" wants to take its future back into its hands. After leaving one union, they want to embrace the future within another: the European Union.
In a country with 43% of Montenegrins, 32% of Serbs and 25% of the population from quite different origins (Bosniaks, Albanians, Muslims, Croats, Romas and Egyptians), Union represents a dichotomy, the same that can be set between past and future.
Dobrodošlica i srećno !!!


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