Friday, August 04, 2006

Turning water into blood

I read in the news that, after all, “only” 28 people were killed in Qana… For many political analysts this seems to make a big difference; for me, it doesn’t: even if only one innocent civilian had been killed, I would find it outrageous. Israel keeps insisting that if they knew that the building was inhabited, they wouldn’t have bombed it. I would like to believe it, but the fact that, already today, a new air strike near Lebanon’s border with Syria has killed at least 28 farmer workers more, and 5 other people also died when Israeli planes bombed bridges in mainly Christian areas north of Beirut, doesn’t favour Israeli credibility. Many people try to convince me that it is naïf and even foolish to pledge for a war without casualties; I know that. That’s why I keep pledging for the end of the war, of all wars… Call me naïf, call me fool, if you want; I will keep calling you murderers!