Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Now that my luggage has arrived, that I went to the supermarket and the “The Departed” DVD that I bought in Baku decided to stop running in the middle of the movie, I can seat and tell you about the days I spent in Salzburg. I was there for the first Bureau meeting of this year and I had a good time with my old and new colleagues. The atmosphere was great and allowed for us to get to know each others better, build a common ground and start delivering results. On the top of everything, we had fun! We stayed in the mountain, which was covered in snow and offered amazing views over the Salzburg basin. With no access to internet and bad mobile-phone coverage, we were led to appreciate the morning walks on the snow, the evenings in the living-room, the chocolates and all kinds of sweets and, above all, the company of each others. Yesterday, after almost everyone had left, I, Pedro and Mark had the opportunity to explore the city. We walked around the baroque old town, visited the Cathedral and the fortress, the castle of Mirabell and the residence of Mozart. We enjoyed the funicular, made jokes about “The Sound of Music”, stared at the Salzach and the surrounding mountains and came back home with a positive feeling about the city and the work ahead of us. Way to go!


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