Sunday, April 15, 2007

Roma Uno

This weekend I was in Rome again, this time for the Congress of the Italian National Youth Forum. I went on Friday. Friday, 13th… I’m not superstitious, but what happened that day makes me think that I should maybe review that stand… The previous evening, I set my alarm for 6.45am, knowing that my flight was scheduled to take-off at 8.50am. I arrived in Rome at 8.30pm… How come? Well, it all started because the Fire Department at Brussels’ airport was on strike… No firemen working, no flights operating! Lufthansa was kind enough to rebook me in another flight that was supposed to have left at 6.30am, knowing that it would anyway leave before mine. At this time, when I did my check-in, the flight was supposed to take-off at 9am, when the strike was supposed to end. Then, it was announced that the strike had been extended until 10am, and therefore my flight delayed for another hour. At this point, it was already clear that I would miss my connection in Munich and be late for my commitment in Rome, and therefore I decided to approach the counter and ask for a solution. When I finally managed to talk to the Flight Manager, the flight had actually been cancelled and the only solution Lufthansa was able to offer me was to take a bus to Frankfurt and then a flight to Rome… That’s what I did: took a bus to Frankfurt and, after 5 hours on the road, I made it just on time for the Alitalia’s flight that took-off from Frankfurt at 6.40pm… Now I know that there are roads connecting the Frankfurt airport to some places, including Brussels. But I still haven’t seen a city called Frankfurt…


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