Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I decided to invite Pedro to be a co-author of this blog.

There are very good and logical reasons to take a decision like that, but I won't give you any of those.

I decided to invite him because I like him. And because I know he likes me.

And because this is my blog and I invite whoever I want!


Blogger Pedro said...

I also like you, bla, bla, bla...

Cutting the crap, it’s a pleasure to be involved here. As I mentioned before, it’s a real thrill and a privilege to share this (one more new) adventure – and of course I don’t mean the blog.

I’m not sure I have something interesting to say, but I definitely have something to say.

Well, the only thing is that I don’t know where to find time for this: I guess I’ll have to speak to my boss to see if I can start leaving the office a bit earlier. What do you think?

See you around…

PS: We also can do this in Portuguese, no?

6:20 PM  

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