Saturday, September 17, 2005

10 days

Pedro is right: the last ten days have been quite hectic... But now he's in Portugal and I'm sure he's quite relaxed! I still have to wait one week to have the same feeling... But I will!

As Pedro said, since my last post many things happened. We've been in Italy, we had an important and very tiring meeting there, in Castellammare di Stabia, we visited the ruins of Pompeii and, a part of us, relaxed staring at the beautiful landscape of the Sorrento coast. Then, I also went to Vienna and came in the same day, back to the heavy work and the Brussels' grey sky. Next Tuesday, I will go to Budapest, for another event, and then, on Friday, to Lisbon, to my son's birthday.

Some of you may think that this frequent traveling is nice and funny. And, in a way, you're right! But this coin also has two faces... The other one, less evident and less exciting, is a bit darker: it's tiring, it's annoying and gives the strange feeling of not having a home...

I don't complain; like Pedro, I also like my job. It's just that sometimes I would like to have a place to call my own. And have the time and the motivation for taking care and sharing it with my friends.


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