Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Free Belarus!

"Further to the difficulties the Belarusian Union of Youth and Children’s Public Association ( RADA ) has faced over the past months, the European Youth Forum (YFJ) is outraged to learn that the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus has issued a writ against RADA , pursuant to their liquidation.

The writ issued by the Ministry contains various accusations against RADA , relating to work justifiably undertaken by a National Youth Council, and reflecting the sustained opposition that the Government has exhibited against the organisation.

The Ministry of Justice continues to claim that RADA ’s policies interfere with the internal affairs of official state structures; emphasising, in particular, their belief that RADA promotes subversive ideas of alternative youth policy and the possibilities for the introduction of a European model of youth policy to Belarus.

A High Court hearing will be held on 28 January, and the European Youth Forum is extending its full support to RADA , embarking on a campaign to raise awareness of the serious situation facing RADA and to put pressure on the Government of Belarus to end their opposition to RADA and to the development of a strong and independent youth sector in the Republic.

We call on all Member Organisations of the YFJ to support RADA , a full member of the Forum since 2000, and to use all the resources at their disposal to join this campaign and initiate independent actions to protest against this situation and bring an end to the difficulties facing their colleagues in Belarus."


Anonymous Marta said...

I believe RADAs' case is just an example of the general situation in Belorus, where freedom of speech and other basics human rights seem to be slaved in the hands of all-power man. I truly appreciate the fact that a westerner- who i assume you are- has some interesst in it. Brussels oblige... Chapeaux bas quand meme!

6:48 PM  
Blogger Diogo said...

Indeed, Marta. This is just an example. Belarus' people need our support and, as a westerner, I have the responsibility to denounce the violation of human rights and the disrespect of democratic values by the Belarusian authorities. I will keep doing it! Keep reading and posting comments!

8:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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