Thursday, March 16, 2006

Long week

It's been more than one week since my last post. Many things have hapenned and many miles were flown. I've been in Toledo (Spain) last weekend and in Vilnius (Lithuania) the last three days. Many hours of meetings, many hours in planes and, of course, I'm tired. Pedro is on holidays in Portugal, Benfica seems decided to live on the European glory and was eliminated of the Portuguese Cup and has almost no chances left of still winning the Portuguese League. Still, I'm happy. Have the feeling of mission accomplished and feel like the future weeks will be much more relaxed. Tomorrow will be my last day at work before some days of vacation and I feel happy for having survived these last hectic times. The dishes are all washed and even though the house needs a cleaning, I will be able to do it over the upcoming weekend, which will be the first one free since the beginning of February. Furthermore, the sun has been shining and I've learned to appreciate the fact! Spring is around the corner and I have the impression that the snow I've seen in Vilnius was the last of the season! Now, I feel like enjoying the company of good friends, resting a lot and charge the batteries for the months to come. And that's exactly what I'll do!


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