Monday, July 24, 2006

Holidays' Postcards

I am on holidays in Portugal for almost one week now. The weather has been kind, with sun and warm temperatures, but without unbearable heat. I’ve been one day in Lisbon and then came to Guimarães, met my son and spent time with him between Braga and Guimarães until the end of the week. This last weekend was spent a bit more up North, near Viana do Castelo, my neighbour Pedro’s hometown. More precisely, I’ve been sleeping next to Vila Praia de Âncora, going to the beach in Afife and promenading the coast up to Caminha. I and Francisco - my son - had lots of fun, enjoyed the sun and the sea and met very nice and lovely friends. He is now sleeping, tired of all the excitement and the almost-non-stop physical activity over the weekend; I am still trying to cope with the sun-burnt in my back… but have a huge smile on my face!


Blogger Pedro said...

You see! A guy that does dozen of countries in a year chooses my region for holidays...

You need to go around the world to know what's realy good ;-)

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a huge smile on my face, too!

2:29 AM  
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