Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Back to Athens

For the past weekend I was back to Athens. Contrary to all the odds, it was very cold and windy, which made it all together quite unpleasant to be anywhere but inside the hotel, the restaurant or the club. The conference I attended was also a bit deceiving, which made me focus on the people. I met really nice people there! Amongst them, I met two friends – Nikos and Natalia – who I hadn’t seen for the last six years, and it was very nice to catch-up with each other’s lives and projects. I also met good friends that fortunately I see more often and also met people who will hopefully become new and good friends. Athens might be a chaotic city, the weather can actually deceive you and the meetings can be not as successful as you would expect, but when it comes to human relations, there’s definitely something about the South!


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