Saturday, February 03, 2007

As I always said...

Luck is a fundamental component of success. Which also means that without any luck it is more difficult to become successful. People or groups who aim at success, need to work hard; but sometimes, because of the lack of luck, that isn't enough. This is an unavoidable truth which I've learned the hardest way and, therefore, always try to relativise success and convince my teams that the most important thing is to work hard. Most of the times, it pays off. But hard work needs to be balanced by pure pleasure and fun. After a certain period of hard work, everyone needs a pause. The length of the period of hard work that each person or team can cope with depends on many factors, of course. I always had the impression - and gave this same impression to others - that I could cope with very long periods of hard work. But I started to realise that I get tired more and more often and that I need more pauses than I used to. I guess it's called ageing. After almost one month of hard work, I started feeling the need for a pause. The difference to previous moments in which I felt the same, is that this time I decided to allow me one. So, tomorrow I will go to London, where I will spend three days of pure personal enjoyment and batteries' rechargement. Hopefully, I will return on Tuesday ready for another period of hard work. Anyway, at least, I will come back with the feeling that I am being faithful to my New Year's resolutions!


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That is great to hear, thank you for reading!

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Anonymous Dr. Krishan Chugh said...

That was a VERY interesting one! Seriously interesting

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