Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Last weekend I’ve been in Cyprus. Went on Friday and came back on Sunday, which is too short for such a long trip… This was my third visit to the island and I could confirm that I like it a lot. I stayed in Larnaca, but on Saturday evening went to Nicosia for dinner and to check with my own eyes that the wall on Ledra Steet was demolished. The truth is that it doesn’t change much and the city remains the only divided capital city in the world… I remember that the first time I was there, this fact impressed me a lot; now, I think I got used to it, as most of the Cypriots did. Therefore, despite this unpleasant characteristic, Nicosia is a modern and dynamic capital, with lots of shops, restaurants and entertainment. Larnaca is much less interesting as a town, as it is mainly a tourist resort, even though, as I already stated, it holds a very long and interesting history. But what I like the most about Cyprus is the people. I have very good friends there, people I like a lot. And I appreciate the fact that they know how to enjoy life and the benefits of living in a Mediterranean island with such a nice weather. The food is great, the weather is nice and the people are warm; what else can you wish for? Pity that it takes so long and costs so much to go there…


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