Sunday, April 15, 2007

Roma Due

After a late dinner and a very welcome and well-deserved beauty sleep, I was finally able to attend the Congress of FNG. The room was full with almost 100 delegates from around 50 Italian youth organisations, and they were all very enthusiastic… maybe even too much, at certain points! Even though I don’t speak Italian – at least not enough to be able to make a speech in Italian -, I do understand it. This made my attendance much more interesting than when I attended the General Assemblies of the Greek or the Lithuanian National Youth Councils, but sometimes I would have appreciated not to understand it so well… Anyway, it was nice to see the internal dynamics of one more of the European Youth Forum’s Member Organisation, and the people were generally nice. But, while Brussels boosted summer temperatures and clean skies full of sun shining, in Rome it was raining, which, together with the location of the Hotel, prevented me from enjoying some sightseeing while the delegates were taking part in the working groups. It seems to be my faith to bring rain to that beautiful city… and therefore the shopping promises made prior to the trip were unavoidably broken… or, at least, postponed.


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