Monday, May 28, 2007


The time has come. After almost two years living in this address, I must move on and start a new phase in a new address. I won’t go far though, as I’ve found an apartment in the building next door: 17 Paul Hymans. I’m happy that I will manage to stay in the neighbourhood, and I’m happy that I will manage to stay close to Mark and Pedro, who have been great friends and neighbours. But I can’t avoid feeling somehow nostalgic for leaving behind this beautiful apartment and the good moments I spent here. And, of course, moving is always a pain in the neck! Packing, unpacking, adapting to a new space, developing the feeling of home… Two years ago, when I moved in here, I guess I felt more or less the same; but at that time it was different, because it was a whole new beginning and I knew that I needed a house. It was part of the plan. Now, I would have preferred to stay here and not to have to move, to start again. Anyway, in 48 hours all my stuff will be there and this apartment will be therefore empty, waiting for someone else to move in and be happy. That’s exactly what I will try to do in 17 Paul Hymans: be happy. I’m sure that with a little help from my friends, I’ll succeed! So, get ready to move with me: on Wednesday, at 8am.


Blogger Bolachinha said...

Até eu sinto uma certa nostalgia...

Isto bem combinadinho até dava para te ir ajudar . ;)

Boa sorte!

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Marta said...

they say: habits are you secnd nature. i will still think of you as of 19paulhymans, despite the address change.

Boa sorte!

9:55 PM  
Blogger Pedro said...

Well, it will not be has practical has going down two floors in the lift...

Anyway, I hope you don't damage the coffee machine during the moving ;-)

8:11 AM  

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