Sunday, August 10, 2008

Holidays - The End

28 days, 7.000km, 9 countries and many dives in several beaches later, my summer holidays are officialy over, and tomorrow I will be back to the office and to my normal professional life in Brussels. Contrary to what I thought, I don't feel sad. I actually feel very happy, because I had great holidays: one amazing week in the Algarve with Francisco; another relaxing week in GuimarĂ£es with my parents, my little brother and sister; and yet a third week, again by the sea, this time in Croatia, with good friends. The fourth week has been spent on the road, going from one place to the following, and apart from some episodes not worth writing about, these were also nice days. As a consequence of all this fun, I feel my batteries recharged, and I actually like to see that my skin can still absorb the sunrays and turn a bit darker! The nice memories of these past few weeks will help me facing the busy and difficult times ahead, and will remind me that there is more in life than just work!


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