Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Weekend in Cyprus

After three more days of work in Brussels, interrupted by the semi-finals of the UEFA Euro 2008, on Friday I went to Cyprus. As it happened last year with Luiza and Razvan, Marios and Xenia chose the end of June to get married, were kind enough to invite me for their wedding, and I was privileged to be able to share this important moment of their lives. As it also happened last year in Romania, I used the opportunity to see friends and enjoy the local touristic attractions; in Cyprus, it basically means sea, sun and great food! And so the three days went fast, in between the beach in Larnaca, the wedding in Nicosia, and yet more beach in Limassol. The wedding itself was great: beautiful orthodox ceremony in the church, great party at the Hilton, and lots of happiness irradiating from both the beautiful bride and the elegant groom; and for the rest of the time, a lot of very nice moments spent with Nadia, Natasha, Christoforos, Maria and many others. This was my fourth visit to Cyprus, and it confirmed how much at home I feel in there: the sea and the sun help, of course; but it is the people, the good friends I have there, that really makes it special. Ευχαριστώ!
The only real problem with Cyprus is that it is quite far away: the flights are expensive and take quite a long time. Because of the distance and the schedules of the flights, I had to travel the whole night, arrived in Brussels at 8.30m and went directly to work... I managed to survive without making any big mistakes (or so I think), but I feel terribly tired. The weather in Brussels was really great today (one of the most beautiful days I have experienced since I moved here more than three years ago) and I was thinking of going out for a coffee or so and enjoy the nice evening out... but I fell asleep in the sofa instead, and now it is a bit too late for going out. I am sure that as soon as the lousy weather returns, the gray clouds conquer the sky and the rain beats the sun, I will regret it truly... and I am afraid that it will be sooner than any of us would like it to. Anyway, holidays are now approaching fast. And there, then, I am sure the sun will shine!


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