Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Des(s)ert thoughts

It's been quite a while since my last entry, and even though it was nice to have some of you telling me that you miss reading my thoughts and encouraging me to get back to writing, it is also true that it feels weird... Many things happened over the last twenty days and they have made me think a lot. I have had some interesting conversations with people whose friendship I value a lot, including some about my writings and this blog. They made me think. And I spent so much time thinking about different things that I haven't had time to write. Not that I have time now... 2008 accounts need to be closed today and this still looks like a distant reality... On the other hand, after so much figures, I needed the comfort of words. Words have always comforted me... whatever format they may come, words spoken, read or written always make me feel better. Talking, reading, writing are and always have been some of my favorite activities. The fact that I haven't been writing much lately, it's also because I have dedicated more time to reading (I finally finished the book I was stuck with for more than one month, and have already started a new one), and especially to talking. But, as I said, I have mostly spent time thinking. I have been thinking about a lot of different topics, all of them related to me. Some are trivial, others are more fundamental. This time, if you don't mind, I will keep all of them for myself. It's not that I am ashamed or stopped trusting you; it's just that some of these thoughts are weird and I still need to figure out what they mean and to which outcomes they will lead. Just as an example, one of the weird topics in my current agenda is “my life as a dessert: pleasant opportunity or unbearable threat?”Hard one, isn't it? I guess you understand why I need some time... Anyway, in the meantime, I have kept trying to enjoy my present and planning for my future. Besides the time spent thinking and reading, I have watched quite a lot of movies (this year I even managed to watch the Oscars' winner before the award ceremony!), explored some interesting parts of Belgium (the Folon Foundation in La Hulpe, and the ruins of the Cistercian abbey in Villers-la-Ville) and even went to an Asobi Seksu's concert. And applied for a job. It is one I actually would very much like to get, and therefore feel a bit nervous about it... I appreciate the fingers crossed, thanks! In any case, if successful, this will be along procedure; if not successful, it might be much shorter though: always look at the bright side of life, right? This reminds me that I still have a job (less than 100 days remaining though!) and that I should probably get back to it. Take care, and don't forget to be happy!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Being happy with others

In the plane to Lisbon, I finally managed to read some pages of the book I started already before the New Year's. I normally finish books very fast, unless, for some reason, I don't like them much. This time, however, the reason is different. I am enjoying the book a lot, but simply don't have time to read it. The truth is that I can't blame work only for this lack of time. Yes, indeed, I have been putting in quite a lot of working hours lately and, of course, it makes me tired in the evening and wanting to turn the lights off and sleep immediately, instead of reading some pages as I used to do before; but, on the other hand, it is also true that I have been experiencing a quite busy social life and, even though it takes time, I am very happy about it. Last week, for instance, I only had one free evening: on Tuesday i was at the neighbors, saying Mark farewell; on Wednesday I had Letizia at home for our Lost-watching evening; on Thursday I went to the Vaisbrodai residence for home-made pizza and poker; on Friday Maria arrived for the weekend and we had dinner at home with a bunch of good friends; and on Saturday it was time for dining out in the centre with Ante and Pedro, one mint daiquiri with Alix, another farewell party at Rafa's, and an all-night excursion to Canoa Quebrada. So, yes, I think I can blame my social life for the fact that I seem to be stuck with the exploding mangoes... but, of course, the book can wait. I love reading, but not even a very good book can beat the company of good friends. An intensive social life can be somehow tiring, but at least allows for good nights of sleep, and that's the best basis for a healthy condition. Fitter, happier, more productive... you know the drill. So, now I am in Lisbon. In a few hours I will have a meeting on a subject that passionates me: the relations between Africa and Europe. It feels kind of weird because, as the end of my term approaches, I can't help thinking that these are my last meetings as Secretary General of the YFJ, and these thoughts come along with some anticipated nostalgia... Someone I love told me yesterday that the readers of this blog must think that I should get a life, as it seems that I constantly write about my work; the thing is that my work is my life. Not in the common sense of having a job that doesn't make room for anything else; but in the more positive approach of being privileged enough to have a job that allows me to live my life the way I always dreamed it. I hope you don't actually think that I should get a life, because I love the one I have and the fact that you are part of it. Well, anyway, the meeting is in a few hours only; tonight I still had time for having dinner and spending time with good friends I always miss a lot. And, tomorrow, after the meeting, I will do the same with Francisco. I had a big smile on my face when I wrote this, and my fellow passengers must have wondered why... I guess it's because I am happy! Gonna sleep now; Lisbon is a beautiful place.