Sunday, March 26, 2006

"We are not afraid" !!!

The events in Belarus are surprising many people around the World and especially in Europe. For many Europeans getting into their houses images of strong repression over peaceful demonstrations still constitutes a surprise, particularly if they come together with news that there are still dictatorial regimes in Europe.

We addressed the situation in Belarus before in this blog (here, here or here). I have to confess that I am glad that finally this is getting into the news as it will promote awareness raising on what is happening there, which will then call for stronger action from World Leaders.

Images like the ones news' networks are broadcasting, of police forces moving in violently using stun grenades and batons to drive the marchers back will for sure have a huge impact on western public opinion.

It’s true that EU leaders, at the this week’s European Council, had already approved sanctions against Belarusian leaders. But much more is left to do, mainly taking into consideration that the Belarusian regime has the backing of Russia and that, according to some annalists, Lukashenko has in deed substantial support around the country.

Nevertheless, the strength of the popular rallies, later on enhanced by the involvement of opposition leaders like Alexander Milinkevich or Alexander Kozulin (the later reported to have been arrested), left the regime distressed, leading it to command the violent action by the police, in spite of pressure otherwise from Moscow, as it would be embarrassing for the Belarus regime and mostly to it’s main (if not only) ally, Russia.

Demonstrators concentrate in the October Square (named after the Red October), carrying flowers, like carnations (which also symbolized the Portuguese revolution in 1974) and the red and white flag (the same used in the first periods after liberation from USSR domination, later banned by the current regime) and shouting for freedom in their country, addressing to dictator Alexander Lukaschenko in front of police forces: “We are not afraid”.

As Milinkevich said:
"The people that have come out today, they have come out in the face of truncheons, in the face of arrests. The more the authorities conduct repression, the closer they bring themselves to their end. We can be proud of what we have already done: Fear is vanquished."

Shall the courage resist and spread! Shall our countries stand by them!