Friday, April 07, 2006

Morning walk...

Today I woke up quite early. Maybe the fact that I am more relaxed after a period with a lot of work and stress helped. As well as I believe that the relaxing session in the gym last night (after almost two months) made a difference.

The sense of wellness and energy contributed to my decision to walk to the office. And it was a nice walk. We live in a very pleasant and quite part of the Brussels, so the walk became quite pleasant, up Broqueville until square Maréchal Montgomery, going down Avenue de Tervuren and crossing Parc du Cinquantenaire.

In the Parc I could start to feel the movement in the city. There were already many crossing it enjoying, as me, the pleasant weather of this early April morning. In the Parc we feel away from the city for a while, listening to the birds, feeling the quietness, until we start to get close to the buildings of the EU district.

Going down I pay my tribute to Robert Schuman while crossing the Round Point with is name, just before facing one of the EU symbols, Berlaymont, “the Commission”. A huge banner tells us that EU is open for all since today (what will the Turks or Romanians think of this?). Ups, it’s only “.eu” that is open for all.

Going down Rue de la Loi, I see closer the new EU Library building which construction we’ve been following from our office, just opposite to it. I found it to big and to close to the street, making out of Rue de la Loi a narrower passage over EC domains.

After 40 minutes walking I head towards the small café at the Maalbek metro. Walking or not, the morning coffee is more than a need, is a ritual, for me and millions of Portuguese. Before I get there I cross with a group of Japanese coming out of Crown Plaza. Some of them were wearing masks, which puzzled me. Is Brussels that polluted? OK, maybe if compared to Tokyo.

I have a quick read over the newspaper, rushing in order to get to the Sudoku grid. Enough to find out that Nokia (the town) is quitting land line phones (surprise, surprise) and every worker will get a mobile phone (yeah, right! Like if they didn’t have one now). At the same time half of the houses in Belgium have internet connection and a quarter does not have land line phones (which could be even more, if some of them like me, didn’t have a phone just because of the internet access). In France, Villepin insists with “CPE”, maybe expecting that Easter Holidays could cool down the demonstrations. Maybe he is wrong once more. And there were also no-news, like Bush involved in one more of his messy stories. Unfortunatelly on Belarus noting. Forgotten!

Finally I refuge on Sudoku. Not so needed today as in other days.
My brain was already working properly…


Blogger Bolachinha said...

Quite good for someone who is sorry for being away from home!

Well done, Pedro!

(I`m too lazy to walk by the morning but doing that in the evening is something like a ritual, and not only for physical reasons. That makes me feel quite calm and relaxed!)

4:00 PM  

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