Wednesday, July 26, 2006


The weather in Brussels for the past weeks as been amazing, due to the heat wave afecting Europe. It is such that people start complaining about it!!!

Yesterday, in one of these chitchats about the weather (in this case the heat), a brasilian from Rio was aknowledging that even for her it was a bit unbearable:
- How come?
- I think it's the lack of humidity.
- [???] But I always thought the heat was harder to bare the more humidity you have?
- But I saw in the hygrometer I have today that it was only 12% humidity.

I got a bit confused by this. Why the hell is everyone sweating so much then? Well, nothing like checking it out. So I did, and I can't resist sharing it with you. Ah, and I mustn't forget to tell her to get a new hygrometer...


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