Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Weather Forecast

It's now 1.30am in Guimarães and the temperature is 25ºC. During the day, it will raise up to 35ºC, as it has been happening for the last five days. It won't affect me, as the holidays are over and I will leave Guimarães on a train to Lisbon at 8.00am. The temperature in Lisbon will be around the same values; maximum of 36ºC, according to the weather forecast, still below the 40ºC expected in several other spots around the country... These temperatures are quite normal in August in Portugal and even though it's not exactly pleasant, Portuguese people are used to them. On Wednesday, I will fly from Lisbon to Monterrey, in Mexico. The temperatures will be again around the same values: maximum of 37ºC all over my stay. The only difference is that it will be raining there... In a way, I have to confess that my short stay in Mexico will work as an adaptation period for my arrival in Brussels: the temperature will be the same that I've been experiencing here... and the rain will be almost for sure what I will find in Brussels upon my arrival on Sunday...


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