Monday, September 11, 2006

Part Six: Praia de Paçô

There are many lovely beaches in the North, but one like Praia de Paçô, framed by the green of the corn fields that almost encroach on the sand, would not be easy to find. The beach itself stretches into the distance, identical to dozens of others in tourist brochures, but it is possible to walk from one end to the other and, on the way, rest on granite rocks and gaze at the ocean. There is also a 18th century fort, its garrison long departed and its walls in ruins, but it still manages to impart a tranquil sense of security. The sea here is not still. It is open with the ocean almost swallowing the sand at high tide, at once, returning it at low tide. It gives off a constant, swishing murmur to show it is alive and, as the waves splash and swirl the seaweed, a salt tang hangs on the air and this small world is ours…


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