Monday, September 04, 2006


While Diogo keeps revisiting his holidays and shares with all of us the enchants of the region around my hometown, Viana, I want to refer to one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to: Vianden.

Located on the north-east of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, on the border with Germany, this small town, taken out of a fairy tale is embedded in the magical landscape of the Ardennes.

It was during the middle Ages the capital of the powerful county of Vianden, an area as large as the present Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. At the time, it was a fortified city, tucked at the foot of the castle, which dominated and protected it.

And this magnificent castle, the biggest in the region, is an unavoidable part of the landscape and the town, giving it most of its charm, together with the narrow and paved lanes, the gothic churches, the ramparts, fortified towers of the small medieval town and the small river crossing it.

This same scenario has fascinated several visitors, one of them being Victor Hugo that even lived there for a short period (his house is now a museum). He referred that Vianden was not known enough and that he would strive to make it better known.

I have a more selfish approach. Let it remain as unknown and mysterious as it is… Just for me to get the same pleasure when I go there again!


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