Thursday, September 21, 2006

Summer is over

I’ve been spending some days of holidays in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, with A, I and my son F. It’s been very nice. Very relaxing in one way but very tiring as well… Running the whole day after an energetic almost-3-years-old kid isn’t exactly a piece of cake! And I guess I lack some practice… but A has been amazing and I start to be convinced that she is a kind of wonder-girl, who works hard during the day and still manages to be patient with the kids at the same time that she takes care of the house! She has been really helpful and I have to thank her for that! Viana is a really nice place and its surroundings are very beautiful. The weather has been quite nice and warm, except for today. Maybe to celebrate the end of summer, the Portuguese western coast suffered early morning the effects of what some people claim to be the remains of Hurricane Gordon… I don’t know if that can be true, but it is undeniable that we had very strong winds and lots of rain at dawn. The main effect is that, for the first time this week, I and F couldn’t go for a walk on the beach and had to stay home most of the time, which is a bit boring… I will stay in Portugal until Sunday, my son’s birthday. We will have lunch together with his mother in Coimbra and, then, I will run to the airport in Porto to catch my flight back to Brussels. Before that, we will spend some time with my parents in Guimarães. It’s a bit weird to be in Portugal and not to stay either in Lisbon or Guimarães… but Viana will become more and more my home, as A becomes more and more important to me and I wish to spend more and more time with her. It’s nice to love and be loved!


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I am sorry to leave a comment on what seems a post meant for A, but I'm just finding you leaving her notes and her commenting on yours just super sweet!
I am happy to read your happiness!:)

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