Saturday, February 17, 2007


This first visit to Romania will definitely remain unforgettable… Yesterday I had the opportunity to walk around the Cluj city centre and enjoy the nice and colourful architecture of Austro-Hungarian scent, the omnipresent nice cafes and the good cuisine in wonderful restaurants. In the evening, I finally met my brother and some of his friends. It was funny – and yet weird – to meet my brother in Romania… we were at a strange underground stinky bar, full of people dancing at the sound of 20-years-old music. Cluj is one of the most important academic centres in Romania, with 10 universities and more than 70,000 students, which account for almost 25% of the city’s total population. This is quite visible around the university neighbourhood during the day, but especially around the bars in the evening. As in any other academic centre, students go out, dance and get drunk. In Cluj it seems that everyone keeps doing the same, even after they stop being students… Which is nice, but can also be dangerous… yesterday, I ended the night being chased through the streets of Cluj by someone who obviously liked me more than I liked her and wasn’t able to act reasonably and accept a “no” for an answer…Freaking!


Anonymous maf said...

ah foste visitar o pedro a cluj? ta bem... o ze tb me vem visitar este fds... ké pa num tarmares! beijinhos. gosto mt d ti.

12:12 AM  

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