Thursday, February 08, 2007


Today it snowed in Brussels. When I woke up this morning it was snowing quite heavily and it did so for at least two hours and a half. Brussels looked quite nice covered in white. Then, it stopped snowing and started to rain and, of course, the snow started to melt and to mix with the dirt and the pollution, which gave Brussels an awful look. Coming from Portugal, snow is quite exotic and therefore special; but I am convinced that snow and urban environment don’t fit well together. Still, I’m not sure what I prefer most: the snow and the dirt, or the annoying rain… I guess I prefer the sun shining on a bright blue sky! Well, you definitely have a point if you’re thinking that, in this case, I chose the wrong place to live… But Brussels is much more than the weather: it’s about the people, about the diversity of people who live here and give this city a unique cosmopolitan and intercultural ambiance. That’s what I like the most about Brussels. Even in evenings like this, when I look outside of the window and see the usual partly cloudy sky and know that soon a light rain will start falling and that tomorrow the usual showers will be back…


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