Tuesday, May 08, 2007

You better think about it baby

There are some experiences that we enjoy so much, that end up bringing us pain when they’re over… People who are afraid or don’t like to take risks, prefer not to repeat them in order to avoid the pain afterwards… others, more adventurous, face the pain by looking forward for the next time when they can enjoy its pleasures. I prefer the latter and try to be myself one of them. Pleasure and pain are very often the two faces of the same coin: people who look for pleasure end up sometimes getting pain; and there are also some people who sometimes get pleasure from their own or others’ pain. Theoretically, it’s hard to explain this thin line that separates pleasure from pain, but I guess that we all have already experienced their closeness, for the better or the worse. The fact that led me to post this entry has a lot to do with this apparent paradox, but in my case it is easy to solve: the pleasure pays off the pain. So, now I’ll go to sleep, firm in my belief that tomorrow morning I will feel ready to face the pain again, by focusing on the pleasures that lie before me.


Anonymous ice-cream said...

I didn't get anything from this one. Read almost 5 times...but still nothing...!!! :-s

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