Thursday, June 07, 2007


There are several factors that contribute to explain why I spent one entire week without posting any entry on this blog. The fact that I moved to a new apartment and have been busy with relocation-related issues, explains a part of it. The fact that I had a Bureau meeting and very busy days in the office, explains another part. The fact that people I like and enjoy to spend time with were in Brussels, explains a bit more. But, honestly, the fact that better explains my absence from the blog is Facebook. I confess: I’m addicted to it…

I wrote here, on April 11th, about the data addiction that affects several of us… When, on May 14th, I reported my registration on Facebook, I could not imagine how clearly it would confirm the words I wrote one month before… It’s frightening, and I suggest that all of you reflect about it. Comments and different points of view are welcome; here or on Facebook, of course…

Still, as I believe that everything in our lives is a permanent search for balance, I’ve decided to try to abandon the other addiction I had. It’s been more than one week now, and it seems to be working!


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