Monday, March 10, 2008

Sweet Dreams

I haven’t been sleeping much… travelling a lot and at weird times is a bit incompatible with my idea of campaigning against sleep deprivation… Maybe this explains why not even one single reader expressed his/her support to this campaign of mine: I don’t inspire enough trust, at least in what regards the issue of sleep… You might be thinking that I would do a favour to myself and to my readers if, instead of writing this entry, I would go to sleep. And you’re somehow right. The problem is that I just came back from Finland, where I spent the weekend attending one meeting, and in about nine hours I will leave again to Colombia to another one; and, therefore, I need to wash clothes and pack my luggage before going to bed… Yesterday I was doing sauna and watching the snow fall in Helsinki; tomorrow I will be staring at the Caribbean Sea and having one mojito in Cartagena. Guess I shouldn’t complain so much about my lack of sleep after all… And, anyway, I have been sleeping in planes. It’s not the same, of course; but it is better than not to sleep at all… The truth is that there’s not much to do in a plane, apart from sleeping: reading, listening to music, eating… and, in long-haul flights, watching movies. That’s about it. All things that make you sleep... So, you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that I have finished reading two books this past week alone. And, tomorrow, I will start a new one. That’s nice, I like reading and there are thousands of books worth being read. And magazines. So, yeah, I shouldn’t complain at all. The only really annoying part of travelling so much is the time spent at the airports… that’s even worse than being in a plane, because most of the airports are actually less comfortable than planes and even reading or listening to music is not as nice there… not to mention all the queues, for the check-in, the security checks and even to board the plane… I like flying, but I hate airports! And you can’t even sleep properly in an airport… so, giving it a second thought, I might have some reasons to complain, right? But I don’t want to do it tonight, because I am in a good mood: the meeting in Helsinki went quite well, the elections in France and in Spain too, Benfica is going to have a new coach and soon I will be swimming in the warm waters of the Caribbean… Life is beautiful! And even though I could not be in Skopje yesterday, I know that I will be back there soon!


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