Wednesday, February 20, 2008

World Campaign against Sleep Deprivation

Since all the big international institutions, like the UN, the WHO, the EU and even the Council of Europe, have decided to ignore the hints I have been publishing in this blog for the last few weeks, I decided to join forces with Arianna Huffington, and initiate, together with her, a World Campaign against Sleep Deprivation. Arianna doesn’t know about it, but she already commented: “I think we all feel like we’re doing more if we don’t sleep as much. And you don’t. Plus you don’t enjoy life. When I’m tired I become moodier and more reactive to what happens.” I agree. Join the campaign and spread the word: let’s free the world from sleep deprivation! After the great success of this one, the next campaign to be initiated on this blog will be on what we eat. I promise.


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