Monday, August 18, 2008

The Olympic Games, and Human Rights

One week goes by very fast. Especially if it is the first week back at work after four weeks of holidays, and one has an inbox with more than 1.000 unread emails, lots of things to catch up with, a little brother visiting, the Olympic Games going on, and one war affecting dear friends. I wouldn't know where to start from, if I was to write about everything I did, observed or simply know that happened. Instead, let me just share with you some of the highlights of these last few days. Going back to work was nice, even though I would have preferred to stay on holidays for a few weeks longer; my little brother visited me, and it was cool having him around; the Olympic Games are taking a good bunch of my time and concentration, and I am impressed by the achievements of Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt and some other super-athletes alike, who challenge natural limits on behalf of the human race; I was expecting more medals to be won by Portuguese athletes, but am proud of Vanessa Fernandes who, apart from being Portuguese, defends the colours of the biggest sports club in the world: Benfica; after three years living in Brussels, I was finally able to admire the tapis de fleurs in the Grand Place, and eat a waffle; and, last but not the least, this week kept reminding me of the absurdity of war and its dramatic consequences, and the need to keep fighting for democracy, human rights and the rule of law, not only in far away places, but also here in Europe. And, also, that this so-called new international order sucks, and that the world, more than ever before, needs strong and respected international institutions capable of setting and imposing rules based on the equal rights of all individuals, peoples and states, and on international friendship and solidarity, aimed at achieving peace and development for all. Imperialism and colonialism should exist on history books only!


Blogger kiscsillag said...

this would be a dream world, where all states also respect the rules of international institutions.

i really hope this reality will come true one day. and maybe im still alive.

8:01 PM  
Blogger Steven said...

Beijing, please move on. The next guy in line is London. I hope London can respect the minority rights and grant full autonomy to Northern Ireland, the Falklands, Gibraltar, Wales and Scotland. Welcome to the land of football hooligans and street-peeing, drunken Brits!

And this is from USA, the country who committed mass murder of native indians and completely wiped out many tribes in their entirety.

Free Hawaii !
Free Texas !!
Free Guantanamo Bay prisoners!!!

8:18 AM  

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