Sunday, January 04, 2009


After a short stay in Lisbon, spent with good friends who I always miss a lot, I headed northeast and spent the New Year's eve and day in Frankfurt am Main. Yeah, exactly, that Frankfurt after which the airport is named; that same Frankfurt I was never totally sure it actually existed. Well, it does. But I didn't quite figured out why... In spite of the location, I ended up having a great time there; surely not the traditional new year's celebration, but the strange restaurant, the weird circumstances, the special people, those awful Italian songs and the many drinks, ended up being a good combination that, all in all, made it for a great night. And the good company, of course; being in good company is always a decisive factor. The first day of the year was, obviously, a slow one and, the day after, we decided to go on a tour of the region: Hanau, Bad Homburg and Limburg on Friday, and Koenigswinter and Bad Honnef on Saturday. Using the charming yet freezing Dreifelden as a basecamp, exploring the region between the Main and the Rhein rivers was a memorable and trully unforgettable experience. Today, on my ride back to Brussels, I enjoyed the scenic Moesel valley and its vineyards and couldn't help thinking that I have seriously underestimated the beauty and attractiveness of this region so close to Brussels. And, on the other hand, that my touristic trips to Germany have always been fully satisfying experiences: the country is full of interesting places, the roads are great, the hotels and restaurants inexpensive, and the service is great. Should definitely go there more often! But now I am back in Brussels, a new year has started and I tomorrow will be my first working day in 2009. Less than five months to go, and to figure out what the future will be made of. In the meantine, allow me to wish you all a very happy New Year; may 2009 bring love, laughter, joy and prosperity to all of us and the rest of the world.


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