Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Que padre!

Yeah, I am back in Brussels, still trying to adjust to CET, but my second week of holidays, spent in Monterrey, was really great. Sure, Monterrey isn't the typical Mexican holiday destination. It isn't massive as Mexico City; it hasn't beaches as Zipolite or Cancun, nor ruins as Teotihuacan, Palenque or Monte Alban; in Monterrey you can't immerse in the Mayan world as in Yucatan, nor snorkel like at Isla Mujeres or Cozumel. And yet, Monterrey is my favourite Mexican destination. I could say that it is because of its mix of modern and traditional, of the clich├ęd and the surreal, of the ancient and the brand-new. But it is simpler than that: I like Monterrey because I have great friends there. Great friends who treat me better than I deserve; and great friends who do great things in their personal lives. And, of course, because of the Mexican cuisine: from the more well-known tortillas, with beans and chillies, to the less obvious fish and seafood tacos, and the recently discovered tamales and nopales, tasted together with beer and tequila. And the best grilled rib-eye steaks ever! Monterrey's cuisine is a fusion of native and Spanish cuisines, with a scent of Texas' grandeur (visible in the size of the steaks, mainly); which means that I could easily get used to it, and become "grand" myself. I have left, but "a Monterrey lo llevo en el corazon"! And I will be back. On Saturday evening I took the bus back to Houston, and experienced once again the border-crossing in Laredo, this time taking the difficult direction. It was easier than I expected and I am still wondering how is it possible that I crossed from the US to Mexico and back and my passport doesn't hold any evidence of that... so much for border controls! The real adventure was still to come... my flight from Houston to Philadelphia was delayed for almost five hours, and I of course missed my connection to Brussels, had to stay overnight in Philly and travel the following day, via Frankfurt, to Brussels. I finally arrived here yesterday morning, 24 hours later than planned. Typical... So, now it is time to go back to work. A bit afraid of what I am going to find waiting for me, but also with the batteries recharged and new memories that I will keep close to my heart. Que les vaya bien!


Anonymous Cica said...

Hey there,
it's been a while since I last read about your life on your blog. Heh Mexico is great, actually, I just came back after two weeks spent there, we did kind of road trip there. But unfortunately, we did not manage to get to Monterrey. But I really fell in love with Mexican cuisine - quesadillas are probably my favorite ones, and all those kinds of fruit coctails and fresh juices hmmmm
So good luck with adjusting back to Brussels!

10:40 PM  
Blogger Diogo said...

Hey Cica! Good to have you back! Mexico is indeed a great place, with a great cuisine. Will keep going for more; maybe we can meet there once ;) take care!

12:40 PM  

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