Monday, November 17, 2008


Barack Obama won the US Presidential elections, and became the first Afro-American to acceed to the highest position of the country. Ever since, the famous "yes we can" became the most overquoted phrase in the history of modern politics. Some people, including some friends, think that the audacity of hope isn't more than that - hope; and that change is still to be achieved. It seems that Obama himself is somehow trying to lower the expectations by explaining that his victory is important, but no more than an opportunity to change that still needs to be seized. Well, I disagree. I think that Obama's victory is already in itself a very good expression of change. Not so much because of the colour of his skin, or the origins of his name, but rather because it was a victory made possible only by the belief that so many citizens, especially the younger ones, expressed through the most democratic way that exists: by exercising their right to vote. This belief, the belief that by voting one can change their life, is the real change brought by Obama. And I hope it will stay for long, and will spread throughout the world.


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