Thursday, August 18, 2005

May I come in?

Following Diogo's invitation, it's a pleasure to be involved in a blog, after discovering recently this universe through a friend's blog, which is still my daily entrance door to this universe - thanks Miguel!

And it's a special pleasure as I start to post in 19 Paul Hymans (where else), after living there for 7 months (already) and collecting some nice experiences in that place!

I don’t know what is it, but there’s something about the place, some sort of charisma…

Maybe the neighbours that do not complain (and therefore must be nice); maybe the cosy living-rooms (and the revealing internal window); maybe the tiny elevator, promoting the union of humankind (or different kinds of humans); maybe the discrete garden and fountain in front (that I only use to get to the supermarket); maybe the vibrations of the metro, that goes just under the building; or maybe something completely different…

Of course I would say that it could be the “locataires” or “latinocataires”, with their pleasant conversations, hosting skills, games knowledge, cooking expertise, etc.

But I’m afraid that it’s just the bar (or bars, as the ones in both apartments complement each other), filled with drinks from different parts of the world: from black vodka to Viejo de Caldas, from ginginha to Tia Maria.

These can really help to lighten up any kind of “soirée“, helping people to loosen up and have fun. After a few drinks (because we drink moderately) we become more real, more relaxed, more giving, more sincere and, of course, funnier. And our friends just keep coming and coming, giving us the privilege of these moments!

And that’s the thing about the place: we already collected so many strong moments that it’s already a part of our future memories.

A lot of our thoughts, hopes, frustrations, joys, related to this experience in Brussels will be witnessed by those walls and this window.

Welcome to 19 Paul Hymans…! ("...such a lovely place..")


Blogger Diogo said...

Wow! What a debut!
I think you're right in your analysis, but know I'm afraid that people will start to queue at our door! Given that none of us is there, I wonder how nicely the other neighbors will react...

1:02 AM  

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