Sunday, August 27, 2006


To think deeply, forgetting about the world around one…
Three weeks ago, I and A were zapping through the TV channels and spotted a rock concert; we liked the music and decided to watch it for a while. We found out afterwards that it was a Muse’s concert and, a couple of days later, I bought the CD: “Black Holes and Revelations”. I like it so much that, since then, I’ve been listening to it almost everyday and it became one of my favorite recordings.

The English rock trio, consisting of guitarist/vocalist Matthew Bellamy, bassist Chris Wolstenholme, and drummer Dominic Howard, settled on the name Muse and released their self-titled debut EP on Dangerous Records in 1997, followed by the "Muscle Museum" EP in 1998. The group's emotive, passionate sound and live dates drew critical acclaim and industry buzz, and after a trip to New York, Muse signed a deal with Maverick Records. Singles like "Cave" and "Uno" preceded their debut full-length album, "Showbiz", which was released toward the end of 1999. Two years later, Muse issued "The Origin of Symmetry" and had a major hit with "Hyper Music." In 2002, fans were treated to the double-disc live set "Hullabaloo". Muse's fourth album, "Absolution", was released the following year and their fifth effort, "Black Holes and Revelations", last month.

The latter is said to be the band's brightest, most dynamic set of material to date. Within a week of its release, the band topped the U.K. album charts, earning their second consecutive number one album. "Take A Bow" sets the scene immediately: a fascinating, full orchestrated rock sound, layered in waves of synthesizers and percussion, build up to Bellamy's aching performance of a world torn apart by it's own instability. Songs such as the sultry swagger of "Supermassive Black Hole" and the razor-edged paranoia of "Assassin" are good examples of how firm Muse is in delivering the biggest rock & roll package they possibly can. It might have taken four albums for me to get it, but with "Black Holes and Revelations", the whole world should be listening!


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