Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Day Wishes

The “old” year finished in a sad way, with Saddam Hussein being executed by the new authorities of the country where thousands of people have been dying supposedly to bring democracy and rule of law there… A lot closer, ETA broke the cease fire and a new bomb went off in a parking lot at the new terminal of the Madrid airport… For me, the New Year started with fireworks and the smile of my son staring at them, and toasts with old and long-time friends that I don’t see very often. And messages exchanged with others, whom I see more often but weren’t with me at that time. The celebrations closed quite early, due to the responsible exercise of paternity, but I know that the first day of the year often finds people with a serious lack of sleep. Today, one person I care a lot about also found a “lucky small scratch” on her car… But, as it is also often the case on the 1st of January, she took it in a quite positive way. It’s funny how all the hopes are allowed when a year comes to an end and a new one starts. Everyone makes best wishes and many people tend to trust that they will all come true. We know that they won’t, at least not all of them; but it is nice to see that we all allow ourselves and the others this exceptionally pure trust and belief that things can actually get better. I wish they will!


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