Monday, April 16, 2007

Brussels, Lisbon and Rome

It’s unavoidable that every time I go to some meeting, people ask me where I am from and where I live. Even though I always start by saying that I am from Guimarães, the truth is that I always end up adding that Lisbon is the place I feel at home. And, of course, that I live in Brussels. The following exercise is most usually the comparison between the two cities… When comparing Brussels and Lisbon, I usually come up with the boring stuff about how the weather is nice in Lisbon and shitty in Brussels. But the weather in Brussels has been amazingly nice these last few days. At this right moment, the temperature is of 17°C and tomorrow the forecast says that the sun will keep shining and the temperature will rise up to 26°C. This won’t impress you too much if you live in Lisbon but, living in Brussels for almost two years now, I can assure you that here this isn’t normal… even in summer! On the other hand, I read today in a Italian newspaper that Rome is the second safest capital city in the World, according to a study carried by the UN Agency dealing with crime and delinquency. If you live in Lisbon, you will be surprised to know that you live in the safest!


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