Friday, June 15, 2007

Die Gottesformel

With all the moving stuff (and Facebook), I didn’t even realise it, but I was almost one month without travelling! Those times of inertia are over though: I am in Madrid! I left Brussels after a long day of work that finished with a huge storm and a surprisingly heavy rain that didn’t seem to be willing to stop falling from the sky. Brussels’ weather is still able to astonish me… in the middle of June, after two weeks of balancing between sunny and quite grey days, the diluvia… I actually think that I have seen Noah and his ark! Travelling to Madrid seemed a quite good idea… until I found out that it was also raining here! And, according to friends, the same happens in Portugal… So, what’s up with the weather in Europe? Did anyone notice that summertime is starting next week?

But today I did another thing that I hadn’t done for quite a while: starting to read a new book in Portuguese. I bought this book last October, if I remember well. It’s a novel by José Rodrigues dos Santos, a writer that I discovered in 2005 through “Codex 632” (Pedro commented it here), and it’s called “A Formula de Deus” (God’s Formula). Thanks to the fact that my flight to Madrid was delayed for more than 40 minutes, I am already at page 175, which means that the book is captivating!

Now, I’m worried… as if I didn’t already have enough with a busy job, a big and nice group of friends, this blog and Facebook, now I also have to make time for reading the book… Why are the days so short?


Anonymous Rocco said...

I have finished the book in one day! You are right...

2:30 PM  

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