Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The big lack of sleep

I’m lucky that I get to make a living as a youth worker. I don’t work with heavy machinery and there’s little chance I’ll be burned by molten iron. And yet, I’m always tired… I feel like I’m constantly on call: if it’s not work, then it’s Facebook; if it’s not travelling, then it’s TV series. Somebody in my friends’ list is constantly giving a party or challenging me to go out. I’m kept awake late at night, and then I often wake up before the alarm clock is set to go off, thinking… worrying… stressing… Therefore, I find it a bit of a torture to know that, here, at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Berlin, they have a “sleeping beauty weekend program” which includes massages, sauna, baths and, I presume, time to sleep; a lunch at the Chef’s Table in the kitchen of the Michelin-honoured restaurant Vitrum; premium tickets and limousine transfer to a performance of the Staatsballett Berlin, including VIP reception and guided backstage tour; and a after-show dinner at the Brasserie Desbrosses restaurant… Finding this out, got me even more wired than before! Tired, yet too jealous to sleep!


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