Sunday, November 18, 2007

Getting older

Or, put in a milder way, I just had my birthday. Some would say that since I’m now half-way to retirement, it’s time to take stock of the experience accumulated and share some of the lessons learned. I’m not that sure though. I rather prefer to look ahead, and enjoy my new beautiful backpack. I will use it for the first time today, and I will fill it with lots of useful things for work and pleasure. Good memories of another wonderful five days, for instance. And books. Will the security check at the airport get angry at me if I carry Doris Lessing’s The Good Terrorist? Will see. Will they freak out if I claim that my final destination is Lutenblag, the capital of Molvania? Better not to try. Starting a journey through every country in the world with carry-on luggage only is something I can do now, since my brand new total anti-wrinkle firming moisturiser comes in a 50ml dose… I did find it funny, don’t worry. And then, good music, be it from Marina Vlady and Vladimir Vissotski, Clara Haskil or Kiril Dzajkovski, always makes journeys more pleasant. As much as Alvar Aaalto’s design makes the world a more beautiful place. Since that day in which some of us proudly pled guilty of trying to make this a better world, we’ve became united in crime! Maybe this is another fragment of my own private oceanography… or just a weird way of saying “thank you” to my wonderful friends. The end user shall decide.


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