Sunday, December 16, 2007


One entire week in Brussels, doing office work, can be seen as boring; but I actually appreciate it quite a lot. Especially because the end is coming to an end, and there are things that need to be done before leaving for holidays. I can’t say that I was 100% successful in cleaning my “to do” list, but I progressed pretty much and can look at this last week as a quite useful one. In any case, I’m happy that soon I will be going for holidays. The accumulated tiredness is reaching the level at which the mind wants but the body can’t anymore… and that’s not good! So, the weekend was a mix of lazy rest and active preparations for the last days at work and the holidays ahead, while the sun shone and created the conditions for the cold to establish itself in Brussels. Some may say that 0° isn’t too cold, but when you’re a Portuguese, who was used to live in Lisbon, believe me: 0° is freezing cold! I kind of like these sunny and cold days though… especially when I can stay inside and benefit from the warmth of my flat! And even more when the flat is cleaned and I can lie in the sofa and watch new episodes of “The 4400”! So, all in all, this was a nice week! And the next one will be even better: it will start with the staff retreat in Ghent, will go on with the last day in the office, and will end up with the so-long expected trip for Christmas in Portugal. With everyone that counts on board!


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