Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chinese Poetry

A room's like a woman: it also possesses you. Besides, you have to spend time and put a lot of efforts to make it love you… As I already wrote in here, I have troubles in falling asleep after an eventful day. As my life is full of eventful days, I think I can say that I have a lot of troubles in falling asleep. Very often, as I gaze up at the shadows flickering across my bedroom’s ceiling, surges of loneliness come rushing over me. Occasionally, I even enjoy a touch of solitude in the depth of night. But, sometimes, I am struck by more than a melancholy sense of being alone; at those times, it is like if my very existence became doubtful… Being professionally successful can make one’s personal life difficult in a variety of ways, and I know that from my own experience. This difficulty can take different forms, and I have already experienced several of them. For instance, my room doesn’t love me. I am not completely sure, but it might be because I don’t spend enough time in it. And yet, it possesses me. Therefore, I need to put even more efforts: last Saturday I cleaned it deeply; this morning I had to do it again. Don’t understand why it gets so dusty, if I don’t even use it much! Or maybe it is exactly because of that. Whatever… Tomorrow a new European country might be born, in the region where all the new European countries are born: the Balkans. Most people will call it Kosovo. I will be close by. Not because I want to see its birth from close; but rather because when my existence starts to become doubtful, there’s no better remedy than to be complete again. And because my room can’t be the only one possessing me.


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