Friday, February 08, 2008

It makes me sick!

I’ve been sick. Yes, you read it well, I’ve been sick. It all started with a slight impression in the throat when I woke up on that last morning in Seoul. And then, twelve hours in the dry, artificial atmosphere of the flight to Amsterdam, did the rest. When I landed in Brussels, on Saturday evening, I was shivering with fever. On Sunday, I could not even stand up. On Monday, I called in sick for the first time I started working for the Youth Forum. I lost my voice. I couldn’t even swallow water… Then, slowly, I got my voice back, I started being able to eat and drink again, I stopped taking medicines. Now, I seem to be back to life. And yet, I have the feeling that something changed.

When we don’t get sick very often or, at least, when we almost never get sick, we stop thinking, almost unconsciously, about our physical condition. I mean, if you don’t get sick, why worry? In a way, we start thinking that we are above that human condition of getting sick. And we start acting accordingly. So, for instance, if we are tired and don’t sleep enough, instead of getting worried and thinking that we need to change something in our life-style, we rather convince ourselves that we are different, that we don’t need that much sleep, that we can just simply go on. And we go. On and on and on.

So, now that my body said “enough!” and even prevented me from working one day, I can’t help thinking that I might be just another simple human after all… and that kind of sucks! Because if I also need to eat properly, sleep enough, take a break from time to time, do sports and pay attention to all those healthy advices… when will I finally be able to do the things I don’t have the time to do now?!


Blogger kiscsillag said...

i can so well relate to this. but i guess we have to find balance some day between all the things we wanna do and all the things we have to do and sleeping enough, being healthy.
magic formula is needed in my opinion.

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Cica said...

Oh, I hope you are doing much better now!!!
There must be something in the air. I woke up totally sick on Saturday morning, and spent three following days in bed. It's such a pity as it was my last weekend in Brussels. At least one more reason to come back soon.
Health is something that we usually take care about when we do not have it. But I think that in spite of perfect time management, we are not able to do everything we want. And still it is much nicer to be simple human as you said than some kind of cold robot :-)) Moreover, there is nothing more reinforcing than perfect relax from time to time :-))
I am keeping my fingers crossed for you to manage everything you want :-)

9:27 PM  
Blogger Diogo said...

Your last weekend in Brussels?! :(

4:26 PM  
Anonymous Cica said...

Unfortunately yes... But for sure I will keep reading your blog once back home :-)

9:34 PM  

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