Friday, March 14, 2008

Caribbean Sweetness

It took me a long trip and some adventurous moments, but it was definitely worth it: Cartagena de Indias is absolutely gorgeous! The walls, the narrow streets with beautiful and colourful colonial houses with nice wooden balconies and windows with flowers, their internal patios full of trees and green plants, the nice squares, the cathedral and the palaces and, especially, the people. The people available in all the colours and in all their shades, but always beautiful and kind and with warm smiles in their faces. And the music in the air, and the blue sky and the sea behind the walls. Come into the old city through Puerta del Reloj, take a few steps towards Plaza de la Aduana and then to Plaza de Bolivar, with the Palace of the Inquisition in one side. Then walk towards Plaza de Santo Domingo (my favourite) and admire Botero's sculpture "Mujer Reclinada" before visiting Claustro de Santo Domingo. That's where the event I am attending takes place, and it makes you jealous of the people who work for the Spanish Agency for International Co-operation! Then, continue, and get lost. That's the best part of it! Cartagena might be a large city and an important seaport with more than one million inhabitants, but when you're within its old walls, you can't help thinking that you're back at the times of the Vice royalty of New Granada, and the only thing you can fear is a corsairs' attack. Lovely!


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