Monday, March 10, 2008

Sweetness updated

Hmmm... I should stop making predictions in my entries... The result of the combination of a very windy morning at Brussels' airport with an Iberia flight with a connection in Madrid is that, instead of being crossing the Atlantic ocean heading towards Colombia, I am now writing from an hotel room in Barajas... What happened was that the wind blew so strongly this morning, that the flight that I was supposed to catch at 10am, coming from Madrid, had to land in Amsterdam instead... and I only left Brussels at around 1pm... the delayed arrival and the hugeness of Madrid's Airport Terminal 4, made me miss my connecting flight to Bogota, despite my fast run through the airport that allowed me to still see the plane leaving the gate... It's frustrating, but actually I shouldn't really complain... the wind was really strong, and after seeing how livid Saray was after landing in Brussels, I stopped being upset... nature still imposes itself to humankind, and that's somehow reassuring. Now, I will go to Madrid, have dinner with some friends and have a proper night of sleep; as another friend put it, the warm weather, the Caribbean Sea and the mojitos are still waiting for me.


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