Thursday, June 15, 2006

The winner

She looked up at him and her lips parted slightly. Their eyes did not budge from each other as their fingers exchanged touches that were suddenly electrifying both their bodies. The spontaneity of the sensation absolutely immobilized them. But not for long. He swallowed hard, dropped his hands to her bottom, and abruptly pulled her against him. The warmth and softness of her breasts burned invisible holes through his thick shirt. Their mouths erupted against each other as he yanked the robe free and it fell to the floor. She moaned and closed her eyes, her head swaying drunkenly from side to side as he attacked her neck. She pulled at his hair and then wrapped her arms around his head as he hoisted her up in the air, his face buried in her chest. She wrapped her legs around his torso. Following her frantic, whispered directions, he lunged blindly along the hallway to the small guest bedroom. He pushed open the door. She jerked away from him and sprawled flat on her back on the bed, the muscles in her long legs tensing in anticipation. She reached up and pulled at him. “Dammit! Hurry!”


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:)electroshock :)

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