Monday, August 21, 2006

Lost & Found

There’s been one week since I returned to Brussels. When I came back from Monterrey, last week, my luggage was delayed and I spent the whole week waiting for it to be delivered. I got it back on Friday, five days later, and found out that it had been sent to Lyon. My luggage knows places I’ve never been to… On the other hand, my sister was already waiting for me in Brussels. She came to spend some days with me and to visit the city. Although the weather sucks, M managed to visit a lot of places, including some that I only have heard about… She is heading back to Portugal today and I hope she will keep good memories of these days spent under the Brussels’ rain. Then, also on Friday, A arrived. Courtesy of Iberia, she lost her connection flight in Madrid, and landed four hours later than she was supposed to… but she still managed one smile, and it made my day! We’ve been spending some nice time together, mainly at home. It’s amazing how you can enjoy the time, even if you don’t do anything special, as long as you spend it with someone you love! Apart from a dinner downtown, some domestic tasks, Pedro’s birthday party and a short but nice walk around the neighbourhood, the most relevant event worth telling you about was the fact that we are now officially addicted to Lost… We started to watch the 1st season DVDs and we can’t stop! It is probably the best drama series of the moment and I already start to worry about the fact that I will suffer waiting for Season 2 to come out on DVD… Anyway, for now there are still some episodes to be watched, which means that I and A will spend some more hours in the couch, enjoying each other’s presence and that of our new friends: Jack, Kate, Sayid, Mr Locke, Charlie, Claire, Hurley, Boone and his sister Shannon, Michael and his son Walt, Sun and her husband and even Sawyer.


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